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The Real Housewives of Melbourne – Episode Two


ginaAfter quizzing Jackie for psychic vibes at their first meeting, Gina heads straight to the States to see her partner – leaving the other girls speculating why. In an attempt to get to know her better, Lydia invites Jackie to view art at a local gallery where she tells her how Gina felt about Jackie’s psychic comments at dinner after the Liberty Belle party. Later, Chyka invites the wives to an exclusive food tasting at historic Mural Hall where they dissect the events of the dinner and ponder Gina’s hurried dash to the States. Jackie’s upset at what Lydia told her about Gina, prompting a teary confrontation in a cafe. Is the Jackie/Gina friendship over before it’s begun?

The Real Housewives of Melbourne airs on Arena – 8.30pm on Mondays




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