Simon and Shannon Vos Win The Block: Glasshouse

glassThe Block Glasshouse finale delivered joy and heartbreak with the most uneven result in the show’s history on Sunday night. In a finale that seemed to go on forever, the results left the viewers wondering if they should have even bothered,

Two teams left the Melbourne auctions with a measly $10,000 for their weeks of backbreaking work, one team took home $40,000 and two others pocketed more than $300,000 each.

The series winners, who also collect an extra $100,000 for their troubles, were Coffs Harbour brothers Shannon and Simon Vos who described their win as “bittersweet” after seeing their mates fail to make any significant cash. They earned $335,000 profit when their Prahran apartment sold for $1,910,000.

Shannon and Simon Vos (apartment sold for $1.9 million) – $335,000 profit, plus $100,000 prize money

Chris and Jenna Susetio (apartment sold for $1.81 million) – $310,000 profit

Maxine Stokes and Karstan Smith (apartment sold for 1.71) – $40,000 profit

Michael and Carlene Duffy (apartment sold for $1.39 million) – $10,000 profit

Deanne and Darren Jolly (apartment sold for $1.38 million) – $10,000 profit

Source – Daily Telegraph


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