Recap – Big Brother Evictions

bblEviction nights, new task and team Skye reigns – Written by Loz

New task this week is the BB hotel. The house is split as Cat, who is the head of the house, chooses who is staff members and who are guests. Guests stay in five star luxury and are waited on hand and foot by the staff members. Cat chose the nominees and they are the guests the rest are staff members.

The Rules: The guests and staff members can’t talk to each other unless in a professional manner and the staff live in staff head quarters, think really dodgy hotel. Their must be a concierge on hand for 24 hours a day. The staff members shower outside and the water is cold. Early wake up calls, late nights, cleaning, being ordered around…. ahhh the life of a hotel staff member. Sounds like so much fun – said no one ever.

As head of house (like every head of house) Cat gets to take a housemate into the Sanctuary. She chooses Lawson who she has a major major crush on and the feelings mutual. Only problem is Lawson has a girlfriend back home
but that didn’t stop them from pashing under the sheets! This was a big topic in the house… the housemates agreed that Cat should not have taken Lawson and Lawson should not have agreed to go.

Eviction One…. Skye is saved this week…. Go #TeamSkye. But it’s time to go…. Shock, what? How did that happen? Jake is evicted. Wow, did not see that one coming. Before he leaves the house he
stops to have one more rap. On the stage with Sonia, Jake thinks Jason will win and either David or Lisa will be the next to go.

Jake’s parting message is that everyone should watch out for Leo and that he has an agenda. “Ignore Lisa, she’s 29” Sonia says as Lisa explains to BB in the diary room that Skye is just 20 years old which may be the reason she now wants to be with Leo.

Lawson thinks that Skye attaches herself to people… as when Aisha entered and three house later Skye had on her clothes, now she’s attached herself to Cat. Lawson and Aisha started this competition as a pair but now they
are no longer friendly with each other. The boys think that Aisha should have a lot of respect for Lawson throughout the game as he gave her $20,000 as part of
a task a couple of weeks ago.

Eviction Two…. Oh my gosh David is saved…. Prediction – must be Lisa’s turn to go. David is shocked that he is saved (he’s not the only one). Sonia notes that Ryan hasn’t been nominated yet, he jokes that he has been coasting as that’s what Gemma had told him. Sonia then goes on to say that Sam, Lawson and Jason have also not been nominated (perhaps she shouldn’t have pointed that out?) Travis is the next saved. Only the girls are left now. Its now down to Lisa and Cat as Aisha is saved. And my prediction was right… Bye Lisa. On stage Lisa thinks Aisha or Travis is the one that is the most saved but it was David with the most saved votes. Sonia tells Lisa that she has been talked about alot because of her tough love approach, Lisa explains that she wasn’t aware that she is aggressive as she isn’t friends with people she doesn’t like and she’d just rather be honest and to say things upfront. “Fake, fake, fake, fake, fake” Lisa says as Sonia asks if she thinks Leo is acting real or not. Lisa admits to Sonia that Skye and Leo are going to be a couple, like tomorrow. Lisa thinks one of the fencesitters need to be evicted such as Cat and she would like Ryan to win but thinks Jason or Skye will win.

Nominations tomorrow night on Nine.


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