Sam Frost and Blake Garvey on The Project

baAfter days of speculation, shock and bewilderment, Sam Frost, the woman who was so beautifully proposed to in a fairytale setting in South Africa on Channel Ten’s The Bachelor – will finally open up about what happened to the romance that captured 1.3 million viewers.

On The Project on Monday night, the gorgeous and bubbly blonde will sit down with Carrie Bickmore AND Blake “The Bastard Bachelor” will also join them. With rumours rife that she calls Garvey “a jackass” it will be must see TV for those of us who feel more jilted than dear Sam. 

While Sam has tweeted that she is just as in shock as the public are, rumours are still abound that Blake is seeing Lisa now (and maybe always wanted her – but producers got Blake to go with the public choice) or maybe even the annoying Jess. There are also rumours that this was also a huge publicity ploy to get Sam to be the first Aussie Bachelorette.

Either way I am still peeved at Blake – who it’s been revealed owns Alpha Male Entertainment, which offers “G-string and raunchy nude shows”, Perth Confidential reports. The company’s website lists the profiles of about 25 men who can be hired as waiters from $110 an hour, including beefcakes like Pierre, “a chocolate covered French sensation”, and Tai, who has a “sexy firefighter routine” and “strawberries and cream show”.

Classy Blake – Sam is too good for you!


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  1. alvar says:

    Very smart of Ten to include this interview in The Project, they should get a nice ratings bump on Monday. As for a possible Bachelorette series, I think this would just overkill the Bachelor brand ala MasterChef. Stick to one series a year.

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