SPOILER ALERT – Who Dies In The Simpsons Season 26?

simp 2After a year of speculation, here’s which Simpsons character dies on the Season  26 premiere.


Turns out that, despite rumors that Krusty the Clown would be the “major” Simpsons character to die, it was a much less major character — his father, Rabbi Hyman Krustofski — who ended up getting sent to “Jewish Heaven.” Rabbi Krustofski was voiced by comedian Jackie Mason, who debuted the character in 1991 and won an Emmy for it 1992.

“It was something that we did not plan in any way as a possible event,” executive produer Al Jean told The Hollywood Reporter, referencing the aggressive fan speculation. “I had suggested that we do an episode where Krusty’s father passes away and the last word he says to Krusty is, ‘eh.’ I thought it would be funny and sad to deal with that being the last thing your father says to you,” he continued.”The whole thing has been pretty funny in the way that people took something that was not intended to be a brainteaser and completely tied themselves into a knot and then wouldn’t believe it when someone told them the truth.”


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