Beauty and the Geek Australia is Back October 9th

bagBeauty and the Geek Australia is back and this year, in it’s sixth season and it’s heading to Viva Las Vegas. This year’s eight hapless Geeks as they venture to the party capital of the world.

This time the Geeks will be joined by eight American Bimbos Beauties in the attempt to win $100,000! Beauty and the Geek Hits Las Vegas is on October 9th at 8pm on Channel Seven.

Here are the Beauties and their Geeks –


Chrystal – 23
Chrystal hopes her appearance on Beauty And the Geek will inspire people to follow their dreams: hers is “to become a trophy wife”! Not EXACTLY and academic, she says “I didn’t like history, I think a lot of those history textbooks are made up.”

Rachel – 25
This bubbly Beauty, who narrowly missed out on winning Miss California, has a mission to “spread joy, happiness and love.”
Not lacking in self-confidence, Rachel rates her physical appearance as a 10 out of 10 and says “I am like Marilyn Monroe as I have the same size and dimension she did, so I think of myself as this generation’s Marilyn Monroe.”

Nicole – 22
Scared of birds, extremely chatty and a former hostess/cocktail waitress/dancer and camp counsellor, Nicole describes herself as a ‘pocket rocket’.
“I’m a little person with this big ball of energy. I’m very kind hearted and while I’m not like smart, I’m emotionally smart.”

Vanessa – 26
The “selfie” addict (who once posted 200 in one day) pays particular attention to her appearance.
“I shower and spend an hour on make-up. I wear a full face every day including lashes and then I work on my hair,” she says. “I always wear it down with some loose curls”.

Candice – 25
Candice, loves everything Disney; so when she decided to apply for a position as an NHL Ice Girl it was always going to be with The Anaheim Ducks. Her biggest loves are God, Disney and reality TV.

Toneata – 18
The quintessential ‘California girl’ and reigning Miss Malibu Teen USA 2014 models and is a natural sportswoman. But she’ll be counting on her Geek to bring the smarts. “I’ve always struggled with mathematics. Trigonometry and algebra is just way out there and really hard.”

Amber – 20
Featuring in a flamboyant Lady Gaga music video should be a highlight for any aspiring young actress, but for Amber the experience conjures up embarrassing memories. While appearing in G.U.Y the 20-year-old struck up a conversation with a young woman on set.
“I walked up to her and asked if she was in the Gaga clip with me. She kindly replied,‘No’ and then everyone around me burst out laughing. I was so embarrassed,” she said. “I later learned it was actually Emmanuelle Chriqui from Entourage and The Mentalist.”

Jennifer – 23
A model and part-time gymnastics coach, Jennifer, who lives in LA, promises to bring “laughs and flavor” to the competition.
Single for more than two years, Jennifer says her ideal partner would be a man who is “tall, fit, funny and always smiling; someone with a big heart and ideally not girly at all”.


Dylan – 19, WA
This red head loves his Nan and his games. Dylan, who says he has a photographic memory, deals with most situations with humour.
“If there is a witty comment to be made, I will make it – whether or not it needs to be said. I also have an incredible memory and I remember everything. I only need to read something once and it is in there.”

Nick – 19, NSW
Even though he can’t grow facial hair, he has an IQ of 151.
He was dux of his high school, but his HSC score was a great disappointment to him. “My HSC mark was only 96 when I know if I had applied myself I could’ve gotten 99.”

Shaun – 21, NSW
The naval avionics technician is currently pursuing his dream job to be an astronaut but all that time dreaming of space has left Shaun on another planet when it comes to dating women.
His ideal partner would be a “smart, funny, sexy and easy-going brunette”. And if they had an interest in sci-fi and were a model rail enthusiast, they would be near perfect.

Oliver – 23, WA
Oliver describes himself as an “unashamed nerd with a heart of gold”. Oliver enjoys rock climbing, basketball, chess and playing guitar. He also loves to cook. Despite owning a car, he prefers to get around on his 1980s pink bicycle.

Bowen – 18, NSW
Bowen maintains his ideal partner would be Seven of Nine – the fictional part-human, part Borg character on the US sci-fi TV series Star Trek: Voyager.
“The greatest skill I could teach a partner is how to calculate the amount of dihydrogen monoxide molecules of Joan of Arc that are in a 350ml glass of water,” says Bowen.
Bowen unsurprisingly has never kissed a girl.

Alexander – 19, VIC
Alexander wishes he could travel through time. He also wishes there was a dinosaur named after him. “I’m basically an old man stuck in a teen’s
body,” he says. “I find people to be puzzles in their own right and sometimes that scares me.’

James – 26, WA
Adelaide-born gamer James claims he is the “jack of all Geeks”. He is an expert and enthusiast in fields like technology, gaming, film and television.
“I don’t hide who I am. If people find out I play Pokémon or dress as the Red Mighty Morphin Power Ranger, I won’t deny it. I wear my geekiness proudly,” he says.

Tate – 21, VIC
Tattoos might not be particularly geeky, but getting a tattoo of iconic mathematic formula Euler’s identity might be. A friend gave the engineering student a $50 tattoo voucher 18 months ago and that is what this maths Geek walked away with.
Tate says if he wins he would donate half of it to charity. All he really needs is the experience. “This is a life-changing opportunity that will stay with me forever.”


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