Sunrise Head On USA Road Trip

sunSunrise is setting off on USA Road Trip next week with five cities in five days – Sunrise will embark on its biggest broadcasting challenge yet when the entire show attempts to cross the United States in just one week.

Kochie, Sam, Nat, Beretts and Eddy will begin their US trip by broadcasting live from the home of Hollywood, Los Angeles, on Monday September 1. The hosts and crew will hit the road as soon as the show wraps each day. Tuesday’s stop is Las Vegas, aka Sin City. On Wednesday the team swaps casinos for cowboy hats as they take Sunrise to the state of Texas. Then Thursday it’s a Miami pool party! And on Friday, if they make it to the end, the final stop on the USA Road Trip sees Sunrise broadcasting live from the Big Apple – New York City.

“This project stemmed from an idea years ago and has been months in the planning,” says Sunrise executive producer Michael Pell. “Logistically, it’s the biggest thing we’ve ever attempted. Five cities in five days is a massive undertaking, but we can’t wait to tackle the challenge head on. We’ll have two crews leapfrogging the country the entire time so the production goes off without a hitch.”

And in a major coup, international megastar Justin Timberlake is joining Sunrise on its US adventure. The Grammy and Emmy Award-winning artist is heading to Australia next month for his highly anticipated 20/20 Experience World Tour, but his one-and-only TV appearance before he lands is with Sunrise – in his homeland. Timberlake is just one of many stars joining the Sunrise team on their USA Road Trip with more names to be announced soon.


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