The Strain Renewed For Second Season

eyeThe vampire-virus thriller The Strain has been renewed for a 13-episode second season.

“It is thrilling when you have a show that is a creative and commercial hit, which is a rare accomplishment in this increasingly crowded marketplace,” noted John Landgraf, CEO, FX Networks and FX Productions, in making the announement. “We look forward having [The Strain] on FX for as long as Carlton, Guillermo and Chuck Hogan need to tell this epic tale.”

Back in July, and prior to the series premiere – Cuse told website TVLine, that he envisioned Season 1 of The Strain following the books’ initial installment, and that all told, “The plan is that the show will run somewhere between three and five seasons.”

As with Cuse’s best-known series, Lost, “We’re writing to an endpoint,” he added, “following the path as established in the novels, but obviously there’s a lot that is going to be added. The television show is its own experience. The show and the book can each be separately enjoyed.”

The Strain airs Wednesdays on FOX8


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