Robin Williams Hung Himself and Tried To Slash Wrists

kinopoisk.ruRobin Williams was found dead by his personal assistant with a belt around his neck, according to the Marin County Sheriff’s Office. He also had cuts on his wrists.

Williams was last seen by his wife, Susan Schneider, the night before, in their home. Schneider left the next morning believing he was still asleep.

On Monday morning, his personal assistant became concerned, knocked on his closed bedroom door, and discovered his body.

Williams was found “slightly suspended in a seated position” above the ground, hanging from a door frame in the bedroom, according to the official.

The official said his body was cool to the touch, and showed signs of rigor mortis, which indicates he had been dead for several hours.

Williams was found clothed and with superficial cuts on the inside of his left wrist, a sheriff’s office official said at a news conference Tuesday afternoon.

A pocket knife with a dried red substance on it was discovered nearby. The official announced the material was “consistent with dried blood.”

The coroner’s division is continuing the investigation. Toxicology results as well as the official cause of death will not be announced for several weeks.


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