The Voice Kids Winner Already Filmed

madden brothersThe winner of The Voice Kids was filmed two months before this Sunday’s Grand Final show on Channel Nine.

The Grand Final of The Voice Kids will see six finalists go down to the final three. However the final three contestants all pre-recorded separate victories weeks ago in Sydney.

The public vote will determine which victory will go to air on Sunday.

The early filming was done to accommodate the international commitments of judge Mel B, who is recording The X Factor in the UK, as well as the Madden Brothers and Delta Goodrem.

Many reality TV shows pre-record multiple endings with different winners to stop spoilers leaking ahead of the airdate, however it is not usually done with programs involving under-age winners.

Coach Joel Madden told The Daily Telegraph’s Confidential the different endings let the final three all taste victory, even if there’s only one actual winner.

“They got to have a great a great experience, even down to the finale where we taped it in a way so everyone got to win,” Madden said.

“I thought that was great because all the kids leave happy. I’m taking into account they’re going into the world and they’re going to be put into situations where you don’t want to damage them. Some people aren’t ready to go into that world. It will crush them. When you see a great singer you don’t want them to be crushed before they can fly. I’m treating all these kids on the show as if I’m working with my kids. It’s always positive until an adult gives them a negative. We have to encourage the kids.”


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