FIRST LOOK – Anna and Elsa in Once Upon A Time

anna“Frozen” is most definitely coming to Storybrooke, and here is the first look at newcomer Elizabeth Lail as Anna, sister to the Snow Queen Elsa, played by Georgina Haig, on “Once Upon a Time.”

Footage featuring the two sisters was shown off to fans who attended the show’s panel at Comic-Con, but this photo is the first time the rest of the public are getting a glimpse of Lail as Anna, bearing a striking resemblance to her animated counterpart, plaits and all.

“Once Upon a Time” concluded its third season with a tease that Queen Elsa would be heading for Storybrooke, but the cast of characters from the Disney Animation film has grown considerably in the subsequent months. In addition to Elsa and Anna, Storybrooke will also welcome Kristoff  (Scott Michael Foster), Anna’s ice merchant fiance, the villainous Prince Hans (Tyler Jacob Moore) and animated troll Paddie, who will be voiced by John Rhys-Davies.

ABC’s “Once Upon a Time” Season 4 premieres in the US on Sunday, September 28.


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