Kate Burton Returns To Grey’s Anatomy

kate burtonKate Burton is returning to Grey’s Anatomy to reprise her role as Merediths mother.

Burton’s return comes after Grey’s Anatomy revealed in its 10th season finale that Richard (James Pickens Jr.) and Ellis had a love child – Margaret Pierce (played by guest star Kelly McCreary). Margaret arrived at Grey Sloan as a potential replacement for Cristina (Sandra Oh), who moved to Zurich, telling Richard – who she doesn’t know is her father – that she was adopted and came to the hospital because her mother’s name is on the building.

Rhimes said. “We’ve known the Maggie storyline since season four — basically since the beginning of the show. I knew the Richard-Ellis love child was a storyline since I planned the pilot. I was like, ‘At some point, we’re going to have the Richard-Ellis love child.’ In season four, we started talking about whether we’d do it next season. Every year it was, ‘Next season? It’s not right yet.’

We did Lexie (Chyler Leigh) in season three. When we did Lexie, we talked about it; we thought it had to be the Thatcher (Jeff Perry) children first. Then we got to the moment where maybe it’s now and it was too soon after Lexie. We kept thinking about it and it never felt right. It wasn’t until I walked into the writers room literally like a month before we started planning the [season 10] finale and I was like, ‘I think it’s time for Maggie to show up.’

It was just the right moment. All of those moments have been seeded in. The dialogue of Ellis’ love child is all planted in the show. It’s not something that we have to backdate and go back and find. We’ve known about it all along.”


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