Debra Byrne Claims Assault on YTT

Debra byrneOver the weekend, former Young Talent Time star, Debra Byrne made a public plea for witnesses to come forward regarding an alleged sexual assault.

In a Facebook post trying to track down members of the public who might have witnessed the attack, Byrne recounted being “digitally raped” in a swimming pool while filming a segment for the iconic variety show.

“After a day’s filming we the YTT and crew were swimming in a pool,” Byrne wrote.

“I don’t recall where the pool was but while I was in the pool, [alleged attacker’s name here] swam up to me and digitally raped me. I was a very disturbed girl and was abused I believe because I was considered fair game.”

Byrne has called on anyone who witnessed the filming of a Red Tulip Chocolates commercial in which Byrne and YTT host Johnny Young were the stars.

“There were more than two people in the studio. If this jogs anyone’s memory and you are comfortable to speak with me about what took place in the studio please contact me.

“Blessings Debra Byrne x”.

But Mr Young’s daughter, Anna, has urged Ms Byrne to take the alleged incident off social media and report it to the authorities.

Speaking on behalf of her famous father, Ms Young said: “He would like her to go to the police, if she feels so strongly about it, rather than put it on Facebook.

“He feels if any woman has been wronged in any way – he’s very protective – go to the police, don’t put it on Facebook.

“We wish her all the best, if she does feel there is something that happened to her I agree with my dad, she really needs to go to the police.”

While its no secret Byrne’s relationship with Young was strained, entertainment reporter Peter Ford – who says he spoke with the entertainer last night – denied any suggestions he knew what was taking place.

“He just wants Debra to be happy,” Ford said during an interview with 3AW this morning.

“The suggestion with Deb often seems to be that Johnny Young knew what was going on and didn’t do anything. Johnny is adamant he didn’t know anything. He certainly wouldn’t have allowed it.”

Originally published – The Daily Telegraph


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