Is The Block too Extravagant For the Normal Aussie?

glasshouseWatching The Block – here’s an idea Channel Nine, do it for us people who don’t have that sort of money to renovate.

I want a Block that has low budgets – say $1000 a room. Go find second hand furniture and spruce it up, buy a normal oven – we all want the best  8 burner, but can’t afford it. I want to see the cheapskates to  take each other on. Are the Salvo’s or Vinnies better? But then their would be no advertising and no point for a network.

What happened to sanding back the wood and grouting the tiles yourself? It’s now who can save the most money to get others to do the dirty work. Why does a light fitting and piece of art on this show cost more than my whole households contents?

I’m getting rather disgusted by these shows – maybe a channel will get the ball rolling again with shows like Backyard Blitz was, and help people who need it, rather than capitalising on greed and the want for money.

Last season there was an $8000 bath – What the? It’s getting more and more untenable for the average viwer to ever do what they achieve on this show – or maybe that’s why we like it.




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