BBC First Launches Today

Burton and Taylor – First Photo Credit: BBC/Gustavo PapaleoLove British drama and comedy? Foxtel’s newest channel is launching today – BBC First, Sunday 3 August. Expect the best of British storytelling, unexpected journeys, great characters and, naturally, a few period costumes on channel 117.

Peaky Blinders
When: 7.30pm Sunday 3 August then Thursdays at 8.30pm from 7 August
Starring: Cillian Murphy, Sam Neill, Helen McCrory, Annabelle Wallis
What’s it about? Once upon a time in the Midlands – Peaky Blinders is an epic gangster family saga set in the lawless streets of post-war Birmingham on the cusp of the 1920s. Based on the true story of Thomas Shelby as played by Murphy, who is a huge star for this BBC original drama, having appeared in Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy. A must watch series.
Watch if you liked… Boardwalk Empire, Copper, The Godfather

The Politician’s Husband
When: Mondays at 8.30pm from 4 August
Starring: David Tennant, Emily Watson
What’s it about? High-end drama with powerhouse performers in Tennant and Watson. This is the story of Aiden and Freya Hoynes, both MPs in Parliament where Aiden is a rising star until he’s betrayed by a close friend. When Freya takes on a cabinet post, the pair view it as an opportunity to get Aiden back to the top; that is until his wife discovers a taste for power.
Watch if you liked… House of Cards, State of Play

Burton and Taylor
When: 8.30pm, Sunday 3 August
Starring: Helena Bonham Carter, Dominic West
What’s it about? Theirs was one of the greatest Hollywood love stories; filled with romance, glamour, tempestuous break-ups and extravagant reunions. Few star-crossed relationships fascinated quite like Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor’s. Burton and Taylor is a 90-minute special focusing on the last time they worked together, on Noel Coward’s play Private Lives, in 1983. Both West and Bonham Carter were BAFTA nominated for their performances.
Watch if you liked… Coco Before Chanel, Cleopatra

The Honourable Woman
When: September TBC
Starring: Maggie Gyllenhaal, Stephen Rea, Andrew Buchan, Katherine Parkinson
What’s it about? Starring Hollywood heavyweight Gyllenhaal, this fast-paced thriller is set against a gripping backdrop of Middle East peace, espionage and government paranoia as it tells the story of Nessa Stein who finds herself under scrutiny of British intelligence.
Watch if you liked… Homeland, Broadchurch


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