Sunday Night 13/07/2014

This week on Sunday Night, the big house reveal and heart-warming homecoming for the child hero who stole the nation’s hearts. Calyn Hoad was only seven when he threw himself in front of a four-wheel-drive to save his little brother’s life, suffering massive brain damage. Doctors feared the worst – that Calyn would never regain consciousness. Now, 10-months on, Calyn is defying doctors expectations – he is even walking. Still facing months of rehab, Calyn’s constant companion is by his side every day – his little brother Kya, 4. Calyn’s family home wasn’t equipped to handle his wheelchair and medical equipment, so Sunday Night joined forces with hundreds of Australians to give the home a transformation. The climax to this story will have you bursting with pride; an incredible renovation reveal you won’t want to miss, complete with a Black Hawk helicopter!

More than two million Australians tuned in last week to watch our world exclusive Oscar Pistorius investigation. The major investigation, by Walkley Award-winning journalists Ross Coulthart and Steve Pennells, examined the critical 85 minutes on Valentine’s Night 2013 when Reeva Steenkamp was shot dead by Oscar Pistorius, and featured never-before-seen footage showing the Blade Runner re-enacting the events of that night. The story made headlines around the world. This week on Sunday Night, we continue our investigation with Reeva’s side of the story. We speak to Reeva’s family and friends who analyse her last few months alive and reveal the truth about her relationship with the Pistorius. Plus we hear from a top criminologist who says Reeva was ready to leave her celebrity boyfriend.


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