Renae leaves MasterChef Kitchen

renaeTonight saw Renae leave the MasterChef Kitchen.

Ben, Renae, Brent and Tracy faced arguably the most difficult elimination challenge ever set in the MasterChef Australia kitchen tonight.

They were asked to re-create a dish by head chef Dave Verheul of The Town Mouse. But unlike any other pressure test, there was no recipe. They also did not get to see, smell or taste the dish; they weren’t even told its name. The only clues provided came from a review by one of the world’s leading food critics, MasterChef Australia’s Matt Preston.

Mesmerised by Matt’s words when he read the review out loud, the contestants’ minds went into overdrive to try to figure out what it was – with just two hours on the clock.

Dave revealed the dish to the judges: buttermilk poached pear, walnut, caramel, roast chocolate and pear sorbet. The sorbet was in a nest of piped roasted white chocolate ganache, sitting on a complex walnut crumble, with some poached pear and salted caramel underneath.


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