Hamish and Andy’s South American Gap Year – JULY 1, 7.30PM

hamish and andyHola! Hamish and Andy are back for another Gap Year – this time South American style!

With no survival training to speak of, and just their ill-informed sense of adventure packed in their ruck-sacks, the guys will travel deep into the Latin continent, learning the painful art of blow darting in the Amazon jungle, getting down and dirty sewer diving in Mexico, taking a nap with some sloths in Cost Rica, and driving the death road in Bolivia to deliver lunch to a family of flying villagers.

Along with tasting the national delicacies in Cultural Eating, and enlisting in some of their most revolutionary Races to date, this is shaping up to be their most extreme Gap Year expedition so far.

Episode One of Hamish & Andy’s Gap Year South America gets off to an explosive start as the boys travel to Mexico to meet a family who make large hats, shaped like cows, stuffed with fireworks. In this town the bigger your explosive cow hat, the better your party.

The guys take a risky hike up a volatile volcano in Guatemala… to cook a lasagna, and visit the capital of soccer, Rio, to compete in Stranger Soccer Racing.

Hamish arranges for a very special spiritual ceremony surprise for Andy, and Andy serves the local Amazonian delicacy of turu worms to Hamish.

Hasta pronto amigos!


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