“Winners and Losers” returns Tuesday, June 17 at 8.45pm.

winners and losersWINNERS AND LOSERS returns Tuesday, June 17 at 8.45pm.

Changes are sweeping through all the girls’ lives, whether they like it or not…

Episode 1 –

Convinced Doug still has feelings for her, Sophie confronts him and he can’t deny it. Desperate, she decides to sabotage his engagement party in the hope of buying some time to prove to Doug that she really has changed.

Bec is shocked when she discovers Ryan has been offered a teaching job in Singapore. Confronted by the changes it will bring to her life if she decides to leave, she quickly buries that idea.

Jenny can’t believe it when her parents receive an offer on their house. The idea of losing her family home is almost unbearable. It makes her aware of the unhealthy attachment she has to the place she grew up in.

Burying her hurt over Zach leaving, Frances is upbeat as she goes about removing all traces of him from her apartment. Jasmine reacts angrily, blaming Frances for pushing Zach away.

Sam and Adam are surprised when his parents turn up and they’re stunned to learn it was Flynn who told them about Adam’s condition. Furious, Sam confronts Flynn, vowing that she’ll never forgive him.

Episode 2 –

Laying it on the line is the order of the day as each of the girls face life-changing dilemmas.

Sophie’s efforts to win Doug back become Machiavellian when she buys Carla a ‘Plain Jane’ dress for the party and takes Doug on a mischievous trip down memory lane. However, Doug is adamant this is best for all of them leaving Sophie wondering if she’s missed her one shot at true love.

Frances is in denial about both the pain of her break up and the disintegration of her relationship with Jasmine and she throws herself into Adam’s court case as a means of distraction.

Despite Jenny’s claims to the contrary, Bec’s worried that she’s leaving her best friend in the lurch by moving to Singapore. Bec showers Jenny with attention and cupcakes before conceding that she’s actually the one feeling anxious about the move.

Sam’s amazed by Flynn’s dedication to Adam’s court case and is devastated when they lose. Seeing how upset Adam is about his parents reclaiming Enduring Power of Attorney, Flynn comes up with a sacrificial solution.

Jenny is determined not to act on her feelings for Gabe. However, when he confides in her that he’s having relationship problems, she invites him to the engagement party.


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