60 Minutes – Sunday, June 8, 2014

PICS60 Minutes – Sunday, June 8, 2014 at 8pm on Channel Nine

Rory’s Story
It’s the sort of news no parent can imagine being told – that your child has a rare tumor the size of a football in their abdomen. But that’s exactly what’s been growing inside 11 year old Rory Williams. Rory’s plight is very close to us at Channel Nine. His dad Grant is a colleague and mate, and Rory is the godson of reporter Ben Fordham. Grant, Rory and Ben have come together to tell this story in a bid to raise awareness about the lifesaving work of the medical teams at The Sydney Children’s Hospital on the eve of the Gold Telethon Appeal. And while they were filming this story, the Williams family has been rocked by more shocking news. Now Grant has cancer, too.
Reporter: Ben Fordham
Producer: Steven Burling

Lion Man
This Sunday meet the extraordinary man who’s known as “The Lion Whisperer”. Kevin Richardson’s bond with Africa’s dominant predator is as astonishing as it is touching. He’s devoted his life to understanding and protecting the mighty Lion which is battling human encroachment and shrinking habitat. Along the way, he cuddles them, tickles them, even sticks his head in their jaws! Despite Kevin’s research, it’s now feared that within just twenty years there will be no lions “born free”. Join Allison Langdon as she tracks some wild lions for a unique African experience.
Reporter: Allison Langdon
Producer: Steven Burling

The Eagles
In the pantheon of Rock ‘n’ Roll, few bands have soared as high as The Eagles. Quite simply, they’re one of the most enduring rock groups of all time. Even in our digital era, their signature song Hotel California has been downloaded over one million times. But the highs have been matched by terrible lows. The Eagles kicked off in 1971 – broke up spectacularly ten years later – then went back on the road in 1994. And, more or less, that’s where they’ve been ever since. Now they’re on their way back to Australia. In this interview with Tara Brown, they’re sober, honest, funny, and boy, do they have some stories to tell.
Reporter: Tara Brown
Producer: Gareth Harvey


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