How Can They Fix The Logies?

laThis year, ratings for the 56th Logie Awards didn’t even reach a million, coming in at 8th spot and giving the Nine Network second place behind Seven.

MKR, which aired from 6.30pm and finished just in time for the Logies ceremony to start more than doubled the ratings of “TV’s night of nights” while Seven’s Sunday Night ranked higher than the average figure for the Logies. So what’s going on? Are the Logies passé, too long, too boring, on the wrong network or a mix of all?
For most, the ceremony is significantly longer than it really needs to be spanning over 3 hours on a Sunday night for just 22 awards. Do we need all the jokes and banter by the presenters that more than often falls flat? Australia has some great comedic writers, surely they could write some jokes. What about a host? They always used to have one and it’s not like we don’t have the talent. Someone to keep the ceremony moving along.

The show is also padded with numerous international musical performances for the most part irrelevant to the show itself. This is what music award shows are for – not TV awards! We don’t see it at the Emmy’s – but they are in a whole different class. Music artists that are on TV would be fantastic – Kylie, Dannii, Nat Bassingthwaighte, Redfoo, Ronan Keating etc for example, a performance by X Factor stars past or even stars from the year we have celebrated like Geri Halliwell or Timomatic.

The ceremony is also not broadcast live. The poor souls not on AEST can find out the winners before the awards are even finished broadcasting there. In America all award shows are shown across their four time zones LIVE, maybe this would help bolster the viewership if applied here.

Another turn off for viewers is the fact that the show airs on Nine every year and is dominated by Nine cross promotions and personalities. It’s just relentless. On a night that celebrates the industry it should be impartial. Sure show your ads in the ad break but the presenters were predominantly Nine stars harping on about their shows. Perhaps the solution could be to rotate the network the Logies airs on each year. One year Nine, then Seven, then Ten, maybe even ABC, SBS or Foxtel as well? Foxtel would be able to pull in some big stars.

What also happened to the big international TV stars – in the 80’s and 90’s the would have the biggest stars from the hottest US shows there. Ron Moss (B&B), Dean Cain (Lois and Clarke), Henry Winkler (Happy Days), John Stamos (Full House), Priscilla Presley (Dallas), Larry Hagman (Dallas), Linda Gray (Dallas), Michael Parkinson and Matt LeBlanc (Friends) all graced the stage.

The number one way the Logies will gain more viewers will be to start it earlier, air it 100% live, move quickly through awards and finish at a reasonable time. A fixed date would help as well – currently the date of the Logies fluctuates year by year as being the first Sunday after Easter non-ratings. Keep it say the first Sunday in May every year.

But maybe it is just the case that the Logies simply has little interest to the Australian public .

Whatever the case may be, ratings below a million for what is supposed to the “TV’s night of nights” is somewhat disappointing and changes will need to be made.


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