REVIEW: Modern Family in Australia

mfaauModern Family – an Adventure in Australia is more like Mundane Family in Aussie Advert. Looking forward to Modern Family in Australia, I thought I’d try it out early. It has to be seen to be believed, and not in a good way. The cliches and the stereotyping!

The whole episode is a familiar tune for Australians who are used to the parodies and huge generalisations that are made about us from overseas, but this is just cringeworthy. It is also just a massive ad for Australia, Aussie brands and products, yet with very little plot. The episode is meant to be about the fact that Phil Dunphy (Ty Burrell) has been concieved in Oz and has been left money to go and see the country that was so special to his mother, yet seems like a bad 1980’s ad for Oz.

Straight away the “Down Under” jokes start – haha, never heard one of them before. BUT before you have even had time to roll your eyes – there’s a Vegemite reference. Writing as an Aussie maybe I am sensitive, yet writing as an Aussie WTF! Have you ever seen someone selling plush kangaroos on Bondi Beach – because apparently we do.

Take this for example – Phil is standing on a rock wondering why Australia has been so unkind (a boxing kangaroo punched him, as is normal!) when Peter Phelps (always plays dodgy Aussie in US films – Point Break anyone?) plus he look’s like Mick Dundee. Now – stop there you are saying, but alas I can not – he then has a croc bite. I guess it’s meant to be funny somewhere in the world!

Here are just some of the sterotypes and cliches seen in this episode –

Meat Pies
Going walkabout .
Seeing a Koala
Boobs on Bondi Beach
Dangerous animals
A wild dog (meant to look like dingo ) takes a laptop!
Places to visit – we don’t have much, just bush, Barrier Reef and a bridge climb

The shameless branding has someone taking a picture with a telecommunications company as their phone cover! WHO THE HELL has an Optus ph cover?

If this episode makes people want to come to Australia – I’d be shocked – I’d just keep on flying straight on by (and not on that airline that is prominently featured as an obvious sponsor) There are two funny jokes – one about Kiwis (always good to laugh at) and one about Hugh Jackman. I just wish the boxing Kangaroo had given the producers a good ol smack in the face!


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