60 Minutes – April 20, 2014 at 7.30pm on Nine

Pope FrancisFrancis
This Easter, as one billion Catholics celebrate the resurrection of Christ, their Church is undergoing an historic rebirth. That’s because Pope Francis is unlike any pontiff of modern times. His railing against church excesses has made Francis millions of fans among the faithful. But beyond the rhetoric, the challenges are colossal. Among them, child sexual abuse at the hands of the clergy, the Vatican’s stand on contraception, homosexuality and the role of women. For Pope Francis, it is the culmination of a lifetime’s work, a life that might have turned out very differently if the girl next door had said ‘yes’.
Old Souls
When Tara Brown first met British girl Hayley Okines she was nine years old, going on 90. You see, Hayley suffers from Progeria – a rare ageing disease that sees kids struck down by the same illnesses that cripple their grandparents. Most of them don’t live long enough to become teenagers but thanks to a medical breakthrough, Hayley’s now 15. Finally, the Progeria kids might stand a fighting chance. And if you think Hayley’s inspiring wait till you meet her American pen-pal, Adalia Rose.
Reporter: Tara Brown
Producer: Stephen Rice

Moving the Mob
It’s a story as epic as a Hollywood blockbuster and it’s playing out, right here, in our own back yard. The greatest cattle drive in more than a century has been snaking its way from north west Queensland, deep into southern New South Wales. The mass migration evokes the glory days of our pioneering stockmen, those droving legends who would risk everything to move their mob. Today’s characters are just as compelling and just as willing to take a punt. It is one of the greatest gambles the bush has ever seen.
Reporter: Charles Wooley
Producers: Garry McNab, Grace Tobin


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