Is New Show Just More Bali Bashing From Channel Seven?

bali2We received this comment about the new Channel Seven show that is coming soon, What Really Happens In Bali. I thought it was extremely insightful and set alot of facts straight. Hope you find it interesting.

Received from Don –

I wrote a comment on in July last year in response to a similar beat up on Bali called “Bali – The Dark Side” which if memory serves me correctly was also aired by the 7 Network who for whatever reason are always seen to be bashing Bali.

The article appropriately titled “BALI : THE SAFEST PLACE FOR AUSSIES TO HOLIDAY” used 2012 data from the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) and the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) showing Bali as one of the safest places per capita for Aussies to holiday abroad.

In 2012 Bali had a death rate of 1 in every 20,435 Aussie tourists, with a total of 39 deaths recorded for almost 800,000 visitors, with the majority of those deaths recorded as “natural causes” of elderly tourists and ex-pats (illness accounted for 25 per cent of deaths followed by natural deaths (22 per cent)……

But what about Thailand, Channel 7?

Thailand recorded 111 Aussie deaths in 2012 almost 3 times the number in Bali and for 200,000 less visitors. Greece was the “unsafest” place for Aussies to holiday with a 1 in 1633 chance of kicking the bucket there, but does that rate a program on Channel 7……OH NO!!!.

Here are the top 10 countries in order of most Aussie deaths on holidays per visitors : Greece 1/1633, Germany 1/1853, Philippines 1/2808, Vietnam 1/5351, Thailand 1/5603, Hong Kong 1/5725, China 1/10026, USA 1/16121, UK 1/17462, and Bali with a 1/20435 chance of Aussies dying on the island, rounds out the top 10 with Bali being the safest of the 10 for Aussies to holiday abroad.



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