Les Hill Heads To Wonderland

PICEDITOR-SHDLes Hill is on his way back to our TV screens in Channel Ten’s Wonderland.

Hill will join the cast of TEN’s drama Wonderland, which commenced production on season two this week.

Having made his mark across many outstanding local drama series, including two of the Underbelly series, Rescue Special Ops and Home and Away, Les adds to the already exceptional Wonderland cast that includes Aussie television favourites Michael Dorman, Brooke Satchwell, Tracy Mann and Peter Phelps.

“I’m excited to be joining Wonderland,” Les said. “There were some beautiful performances in season one and the show has some of the best writing I’ve seen on television. I’m looking forward to working with everyone in the cast, particularly Michael Dorman, to see how our characters clash.”

Network Ten Head of Drama, Rick Maier, said: “Would you be suspicious if the new tenant in your building worked odd hours, paid cash for everything and refused to talk about their private life? Les Hill joins the cast playing the brooding but charming Max Saliba. Wonderland will never be the same.”


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