Zoey Black and Patric Kuo Elimanted From SYTYCD

SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE AUSTRALIA. 08.04.2014. EPISODE 11. 'THE FINAL 10'.In case you missed it!

Another two dreams were shattered in a twist that saw jazz dancer Zoey Black and urban dancer Patric Kuo sent packing in the sixth double elimination of the season.
This week, new couples were formed and passion was reunited. Zoey was teamed with urban tapper Jay Johns for an emotional contemporary piece about cancer. The judges loved the piece and Jason Gilkison praised Zoey’s efforts: “You were exceptional. When you are released and stretched out both emotionally and physically, you just soar.”

Real-life couple Patric and Ashleigh’s dream finally came true when they were partnered on stage this week. Unfortunately they didn’t bring their real-life love to the cha cha.

Paula was hoping their closeness off stage would enhance the dance, and give her an insight into their relationship but she was left disappointed. “You worried too much about steps, and if you practised those steps right away and got them inside your body, you would have had more time to show us that this is how you do it when you are really in love! That’s my only problem, this could have been any couple put together.”

Tonight for the first time ever, the dancers were revealed in order from the highest to the lowest votes, and the guy and girl with the lowest number votes were going home.

Lauren Seymour had the highest number of votes for the girls, followed by Eden Petrovski, Renelle Jones, Ashleigh Tavares and Zoey Black. Blond had the highest number for the boys, followed by Sam Malseed, Jay Johns, Michael Dameski and Patric Kuo.

Zoey said: “As the top 20 progressed, I’ve felt as though I’ve really been able to grow from this. I’ve honestly had the best time of my life.”

On his departure, Patric said: “To appear on So You Think You Can Dance Australia has always been on my bucket list. It’s already changed my life and I hope it can continue to do so forever.”

They have been whittled from the top 100 to the top eight. Catch the all new pairings between Eden Petrovski and Michael Dameski, Ashleigh Tavares and Blond, Lauren Seymour and Sam Malseed and Renelle Jones and Jay Johns next week on So You Think You Can Dance Australia, Thursday, 7.30pm on Network Ten.


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