Neilsen Twitter Ratings To Complement OzTam’s

twitter neilsenAccording to Twitter, the Nielsen Twitter TV Ratings (NTTR) metric will ‘complement’ the existing OzTam ratings system and help networks highlight how engaged their viewers are.

TV ratings have been based on eyeballs alone assuming that the viewer is engaged in the show so long as the TV is on. With only 3500 boxes, it has never been a fair indicator of the broader majority.

By measuring interactions on Twitter of TV related conversations – tweets, unique authors, impressions, unique audience – networks will be able to see how viewers are engaged with their shows on the social platform.

Twitter head of TV Partnerships Tony Broderick said that there has never been a better time to bring the metric to Australia and pointed to Neilsen figures which show 45% of Australian Twitter users engage with the social network while watching TV.

“This fast-growing behaviour is great news for networks and advertisers. Why? Because in markets where the NTTR is already live — such as the US — research finds that viewers who tweet-along to television are more attractive to advertisers than their TV-only counterparts,” Broderick added.

People who engage with Twitter while watching TV are less likely to tune off during the ad breaks with only 8% doing so compared to 17% of TV-only viewers, Symphony Advanced Media found.

Those who use Twitter while consuming TV are also more likely to recall ads, 50% compared to 40% and have almost double the purchase intent (30% vs 16%).

NTTR is expected to be available in the second half of 2014.


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