TEN Eyewitness News – Renae Lawrence Interview

lawrenceandcorby-420x0How low can you go? Convicted heroin mule, Renae Lawrence has claimed that Schapelle Corby knew about the marijuana in her boogie board bag.

But, in case you missed it and want to know more about what the woman has to say – below is a press release from Ten on the matter.

Please Note – TEN has acknowledged it paid a fee for the interview with Bali Nine inmate Renae Lawrence. Read more about the fee at TV Tonight

Press Release – TEN Eyewitness News Senior Journalist, John Hill, travelled to Indonesia last week to verify the interview and the comments made by Renae Lawrence.

Renae Lawrence claims that Schapelle Corby knew there was marijuana in her boogie board bag. She also asserts that this was not the first time Ms Corby had smuggled marijuana into Bali.

Ms Lawrence said: “She said she knew the marijuana was in the…bag…but the person that was supposed to be at the airport at that time…didn’t show up for work, or wouldn’t be there for some strange reason.”

“She told me and the other prisoner that she’d done it more than…this time. She’d got away with it before.

“She said she bought the drugs before, three times, the first time she didn’t know anything until she got to the airport, she said, but then…the other times she knew.”

Ms Lawrence also contends that Ms Corby was scared of losing support from the Australian public if she changed her plea.

“If she changed her mind, she was scared she would lose all the…Australian support.”

Ms Lawrence also asserts that Ms Corby consciously “…acted crazy, she actually said it herself, she played crazy so she would get more sympathy and hopefully time off from (inaudible) the President of Indonesia.”

Ms Lawrence also clarified the misconception that she and Ms Corby didn’t get along.

Ms Lawrence said: “We weren’t enemies like…the media said. We were actually friends most times. Sometimes we’d have arguments but that was because people would speak about us and it wasn’t true.”

A lawyer acting for the Corby family issued a release denying Renae Lawrence’s claims.


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