Game Of Thrones Premiere Crashes HBO Go

gotLess than a month after HBO Go crashed during the True Detective finale, the service was down again on Sunday night in the USA, during the Game of Thrones premiere.

Some viewers logging on to the streaming service, were met with long load times or the following message: “Fatal error – Failed to load the service error definitions.” HBO Go also tweeted about the issues with multiple apologies.

Many fans hit Twitter, Reddit and other websites to express their unhappiness at being unable to watch the episode. It’s unclear how many users were affected, but it’s understood that some of the problems had already been fixed shortly after it had finished airing.

HBO told The Hollywood Reporter in a statement later Sunday night: “HBO GO did experience issues due to overwhelming demand around the premiere of Game of Thrones. The service has returned to several platforms and we are working hard towards full recovery, which we expect soon.”

In March, enough people logged on to HBO Go to watch the True Detective finale that the streaming service crashed then as well. HBO told THR in a statement at the time that the issue was “due to overwhelming interest” in the episode.

Source – THR


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