Block Twin, Lysandra Claims “Bullying’

balIt sounds like the fumes are turning one of The Block twins toxic!

Lysandra Fraser, alleges that the makers of The Block have bullied contestants, prejudged the outcome and selectively edited footage to enhance Kyal and Kara’s popularity.

After alot of bitterness, cat-fights and bitching, it seems the pressure is getting too much for the uppity twosome.

“It’s all been about Kyal and Kara,” says Fraser “It’s just about who the show wants to win really isn’t it? I never used to think it but I do think now they have certain ways they want things to happen.”

She lent support to Geelong chimney sweep Steve O’Donnell’s claim on Facebook the producers had made him out to look stupid, lazy and “mentally deficient”.

“They paint pictures of people how they want them to be portrayed and I think to a certain extent they’ve bullied Steve the entire time,” she said. She said by contrast the producers had omitted any negative footage of Brad and Dale’s behaviour – “the boys have fights and they were getting bad towards the end” – including one potentially damaging blow-up with site foreman Keith Schleiger where she says they were “out of line.”

“The boys can do no wrong,” she said. “That’s probably because they’ve got (on-air role) plans for them down the track.”

Executive producer Julian Cress hit back at the claims, pointing out there’s no way to rig the outcome as the winner is decided by public auction. “You gotta love the twins,” he said. “You never hear them complaining about the judges when they win a room…. but if Kyal and Kara get a perfect score for a
bathroom then it’s rigged by the producers to make them look good? Have they forgotten that they won last year and walked away with $400,000?”

Cress said the twins still have as much chance as anyone else of winning. “And if they do, I doubt they’ll be saying it was rigged,” he said. “If they don’t I’m sure we’ll never hear the end of it.” And while he’s unaware of plans to give Brad and Dale their own show “now that Lysandra mentions it I think it’s a really great idea.”

The four Dux House apartments go under the hammer in Albert Park in secret on Tuesday, with only registered bidder allowed to attend. The auction finale screens from 7.30pm on Wednesday night — the twins’ 30th birthday.
Source – News Corp.


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