joshSPOILER & SHOCKER – ALERT! With 7 episodes left to air here in Australia, the finale of How I Met Your Mother aired in the USA last night. The whole premise of HIMYM was always going to come down to the final episode, to find out what it was REALLY all about. With the identity of the “mother” now not a secret, or the yellow umbrella mystery – what was left for the finale?

WOW – ALOT! There were twists and spins galore on where the gang is now and what has happened in the last few years SPOILER ALERT!!

Moving into the future with flash-forwards, the finale ripped the band-aid off and showed that sitcom happiness isn’t real or permanent. Within three years of the episode, Robin (Cobie Smulders) and Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) are already divorced and its amicable origins end up being more awkward than expected when the split drives Robin from the gang.

“The gang is a married couple I never see anymore about to have their third child, my ex-husband and the guy I probably should have ended up with, who’s now with the mother of his child,” says Robin.

Robin’s absence from the bulk of the episode shows the former five-some moving further into adulthood – Ted with the Mother and Marshall (Jason Segel) with Lily, all with a growing number of children – while simultaneously regressing to their pre-Robin status.

Barney revives his stud status, writing a new Playbook and functioning as something of a satellite around his coupled-off friends. (He comes comes around again thanks to an accidental lovechild.)

And that’s the end of the light stuff.

After seven years and two children together, the Mother and Ted finally tie the knot – only to reveal that she has, in fact, been dead the entire time older Ted has been telling the story of their meeting.

Not to linger on the darkness, the reveal leads into their first meeting on the Farhampton train platform.

This is when the story finally catches up with Ted in his study with the children, played by Lyndsy Fonseca and David Henrie, who do not have the reaction you might expect. “That isn’t the story of how you met our mother,” she says. “This is the story of how you’re totally in love with Aunt Robin. You want to ask her out, and you want to know if it’s OK.”

Hints at a Ted-Robin revival were evident early in the episode, when she started getting misty-eyed every time they shared a scene, but the extent of their reunion wasn’t clear until the very end. Robin, about 50 years old, opens her apartment window to find Ted standing outside with the blue French horn from the pilot. They smile and the title card flashes one last time.

The show really has been about Robin and Ted’s long road to being together the whole time. And that is bound to please some and certainly infuriate others.


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