Next Week On Home and Away: March 31 – April 3 2014

haukNext week some of the gang at Home and Away head over to Old Blighty! Brax and Heath may be in turmoil when they arrive in London next week on their quest to win back the women they love, but it is a very different story for their brother Casey.

From the moment he steps foot in the British capital, Casey has the holiday adventure of his life, caught up in a holiday romance which literally sweeps him off his feet.

Monday, March 31
Tamara unintentionally helps Kyle makes a life-changing decision to get Phoebe back.
The Braxtons arrive in London, forcing Bianca to face Heath.
Confused Spencer puts Maddy and Josh’s relationship in jeopardy

Tuesday, April 1
Post-kiss, Maddy tells Spencer to leave her and Josh alone.
Brax’s attempt to get Ricky back ends in a horrible accident.
Bianca and Heath finally talk, but their future is left in limbo.
Marilyn and John negotiate their ‘sleeping over’ dilemma.
Casey meets a new girl in London.

Wednesday, April 2
Brax’s life is left hanging in the balance.
Casey and Linda’s relationship heats up on day one.
Chris’ risotto backfires, leaving Leah in a dangerous position.
Nate’s anger intensifies when he finds out Brax is visiting Ricky in London.

Thursday, April 3 (DOUBLE EPISODE)
Will Ricky see Brax in hospital before it’s too late?
Can Heath & Bianca’s rekindle their romance?
Nate races against the clock to save Leah’s life.
Chris’ bravery puts Alf in great danger
Zac finds a self-destructive solution to his problems
Leah’s fight to live takes a dark turn.
Kyle receives an unexpected visitor.


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