How I Met Your Mother – Do Barney and Robin Tie The Knot?

himymYet another show we are so behind in, here in Australia is How I Met Your Mother. On Monaday night episode 16 aired while the USA just saw the second last episode ever (22). Weeks behind, we will find out more and more on social media, yat get no respite. So here is a recap of what’s happening to the MacLaren’s Pub gang with only two weeks to go. SPOILER ALERT!

The episode begins with the bride having a full-on panic attack as she calls for Ted. “I still think it’s a bad sign I never found that locket,” she confesses to him. “Some part of me thought Barney would magically find it… I want to be with a guy who comes through for me. The guy who, somehow, against all odds, finds my locket.”

Ted was going to surprise her with it as a wedding gift, but instead gives it to his pal Barney. “She needs it to come from you,” he tells him.

Unfortunately, Robin sees through the whole charade, and it only makes her more nervous about getting married. “All of Barney’s gestures are based on lies,” she points out to Ted, noting that “legendary” is just another word for not real and that Barney’s initials are B.S. Meanwhile, Ted found the locket and stole a blue French horn for her. “You always go big for me.”

“Maybe I made a mistake,” she continues. “Maybe I should be marrying you. Ted, I should be with you.” (Code red!)

She even suggests they run away together to Chicago. But after much pining for his ex, Ted realizes something when he hears those words. “I am not your future. Barney is,” he replies, trying to reassure her that she’s just scared. “I’m not that guy anymore. The truth is, I don’t love you like that anymore, and you don’t love me.”

But Robin just can’t shake the feeling that she and Barney don’t make sense, to which Ted responds, “Love doesn’t make sense” — but it’s the best thing we do.

And, no surprise here, she and Ted don’t ride off into the sunset together. Instead, Robin runs away on her own – and, literally, into The Mother. Although they got to second base during The Incident, The Mother doesn’t know Robin well enough to talk her out of anything. She just advises her to close her eyes and take three deep breaths. After the second, Barney appears.

He’s been trying to write his vows. After recalling all the ways in which Marshall and Lily have broken theirs, he realized they’re still the greatest couple he knows. The problem was that Marshall lied. So Barney is going to make just one vow to Robin: “From this day forward, I’m always going to be honest with you, because I love you.” And then he tells her the truth about the locket, which gets him a big kiss from Robin.

Meanwhile, Lily and Marshall take a sweet and funny moment at the empty altar to make some new vows that are more realistic. For example, he promises to stop shouting at her when she’s dropping a deuce, while Lily says that she’ll try – and promptly fails — to cry less during this pregnancy. Her hubby finishes by vowing to keep updating them as they continue their lives together and as he falls more and more in love with her every day.

Then, at last, Robin walks down the aisle to strains of an instrumental version of “Sandcastles in the Sand,” and she and Barney locket up their future get hitched. And for the sake of honesty, he reveals they really do have a ring bear.


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