This Week On Inside Story

inside storyThis week on Inside Story hosted by Leila McKinnon is a two part special: The Bladerunner and Twisted Minds.

The Bladerunner

Reporter Peter Stefanovic looks at the murder mystery that has stunned the world: Olympic hero Oscar Pistorious, the beautiful model and the fatal night that shattered everything.
Inside Story takes you inside the trial of the century, revealing the secrets, the evidence and the extraordinary past of the fallen hero.

Inside Story will also cross live to reporter Tom Steinfort who is covering the trial for Nine News.

Twisted Minds

Psychopaths – their crimes both fascinate and repulse us. And that fascination is reflected in popular culture – from Alfred Hitchcock’s classic movie “Psycho … to the chilling “Silence of the Lambs”.

Inside Story ventures into the disturbing world of the psychopath – we’ll meet some of Australia’s worst serial killers – predators who lie, manipulate and murder with no remorse … and no empathy. We’ll also look at the best movie psychopaths of all time.

Inside Story: The Bladerunner and Twisted Minds – Wednesday, March 26 at 8.45pm on Nine


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