Australian Story – Monday March 24 2014 – Adam Boland

bolandIn a confronting episode of ABC documentary series Australian Story, to air this Monday night, former TV exec, Adam Boland confirms he contemplated suicide as he struggled keep control of his bipolar disorder and live up to overwhelming industry expectation. Adam raised Channel Seven’s Sunrise to extraordinary heights, only to leave to start Ten’s breakfast show Wake Up and the morning show, Studio 10.

Recreating the night trauma which saw him paced frenetically around his CBD apartment and consider jumping from its high-level balcony, Boland says it was “something, a little light in the back of my head” which finally helped him win the war over thoughts of self-harm, after feeling “like a failure” when his new shows were a ratings and critical flop.

“I remember walking that way (towards the balcony) and I did it a couple of times … I kept walking towards it and I thought ‘just open the door, man up, do that stuff’ … but there must have been something, a little light in the back of my head said ‘get control and go and wake up (boyfriend) Kenny’”.

Boland talks through his career, which began at the age of 18 on Brisbane radio, before making the move to television working for Sky News and Seven

Describing his lows, Boland says: “you question everything including your own validity and you end up feeling immensely trapped by your own mind and you just want to escape.”

Riding the mental roller-coaster he says: “the ups are really, really awesome … you don’t need to sleep, you operate at a pace that leaves others exhausted and I often did exhaust many of the people on my team.”

His former Seven colleague and Ten’s new head of news, Peter Meakin jokes “most people who are in television are partially deranged,” but praises Boland as one of the most talented people he has ever worked with who struggles because “he doesn’t have an off switch.”

Boland admits he struggles with a “deep sense of guilt” and is reduced to tears, berating himself for not using his TV platform to improve understanding of the illness which has forced him out of the job he once lived for and loved.

“I had a top rating show for a decade, so why didn’t I use that to do more?”

Australian Story airs Adam Boland’s episode Out Of The Box, Monday March 24, at 7.30pm on ABC1.

If you feel depressed or suicidal call Lifeline on 13 11 14

Source – The Daily Telegraph


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