60 Minutes Australia This Week – The Scientology Defector and more

60 sci60 Minutes – Sunday, March 23, 2014 at 7.40pm on

The Defector
For 17 years Marty Rathbun was a loyal deputy to Scientology’s leader, David Miscavige. But then he did what no one in the Church expected: he left. Now, Marty Rathbun is speaking out about what he witnessed inside Scientology. As the Inspector General, he was responsible for recruiting celebrities, including Tom Cruise, and pursuing those who spoke out against the Church. Ironically, Marty’s former loyal footsoldiers are now on a campaign of alleged harassment against him and his wife Monique. But this time Scientology may have met its match because Monique Rathbun has launched a major lawsuit against the Church and Miscavige. It could lift the lid on The Church of Scientology’s most explosive secrets – and for the first time, see David Miscavige having to face some serious questioning.
Reporter: Liz Hayes

Scientology Preview – 60 Minutes Australia.

School’s Out
For parents, few subjects are as fraught as the question of schooling. Private versus public, personal tutors, extra homework … it seems mums and dads will now do just about anything to get their kids ahead. This Sunday on 60 Minutes, the new approach to education, that will have you falling off your chair. You see, there’s no school, no classes, no teachers, no tests – NOTHING. The kids are at home and do whatever they want, whenever they want. They learn reading, writing and arithmetic during the course of everyday life. It’s not home schooling but un-schooling, a new trend being taken up by dozens of Australian families. Giving your children control over their own education may sound crazy but you’ll be surprised at some of the results.
Reporter: Michael Usher

Don’t Look Down
You’ll watch this story on Sunday and think, this guy is either mad or extremely brave. Perhaps he’s both. It’s the story of James Kingston and, no matter what you think, his exploits are truly exceptional. James is a so-called urban free climber – he scales construction cranes, tall buildings, towers and bridges, with no safety line, no harness, nothing to stop him from falling. Once at the top, he performs daredevil manoeuvres and shoots ‘selfie’ videos for future bragging rights. This story is not just about a young adventurer but also his long-suffering mum, Julie. You can guess what she thinks about all this.
Reporter: Charles Wooley


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