The Face Australia – Top 12 Revealed

faceAfter an explosive first episode of “The Face Australia”, supermodel Naomi Campbell and models, Nicole Trunfio and Cheyenne Tozzi have each chosen a team of aspiring models who they will now mentor throughout the coming weeks on FOX8’s new modelling competition series.

The selection process during the first episode was fraught with drama as Naomi and Nicole found themselves in a heated battle over two of the girls, but in the end all three mentors finished with a strong team of aspiring models.
Team Naomi consists of Brittaney (21) from the Gold Coast, QLD; Chantal (18) from Brisbane, QLD; Ruth (20) from Albany, WA; and Sarah (18) from Perth, WA.

Team Nicole has Anouska (18) and Shenika (25) both from Perth, WA; Melise (20) from Sydney, NSW; and Susan (23) from Adelaide, SA.

And Team Cheyenne comprises Natalie (23) and Nikolina (19) both from Sydney, NSW; Olivia (19) from Perth, WA; and Yaya (20) from Sydney, NSW.

Over the coming weeks, viewers will be given unprecedented access inside the world of the fashion industry, as these supermodel coaches use the lessons and skills they have learned in their careers to mentor their teams through various real life assignments, including photo shoots and commercials.

“The FAce” with Naomi Campbell has had versions in both the USA and the UK and airs here on Tuesday nights at 9.00pm on FOX8.


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